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ICST Inclusion Credentialing Process

The ICST Inclusion Credentialing Process (ICP) was designed as a method of inclusion within the International Crentialed Sandtray Therapist credentialing process to recognize qualifying individuals with core sandtray training. This recognition will provide an applicant the ability to apply to opt-out of the core levels of ICST training (levels one and two) and enter an advanced training cohort that will lead to ICST credentialing.

The International Association for Sandtray Therapy recognizes the investment of all sandtray therapists in their training and skill development. IAST is committed to increasing the number of credentialed sandtray therapists globally.

ICP Pre-Requisites for Admission

Anyone interested in applying to ICP advanced cohorts will need to have completed the following items:

  • Fully licensed (when practicing in the United States)
  • Highest practicing level for International candidates
  • Masters’ degree in social work or mental health counseling
  • Minimum 1 year of sandtray therapy experience
  • Minimum 24 class hours of sandtray training
  • Competence in Introduction to Sandtray (level 1) and knowledge of Neuroscience of Sandtray (level 2) or comparable trainings exhibited through an assessment
  • Proof of malpractice insurance
  • International: minimum 5 years of experience in Sandtray Therapy

ICP Application for Admission

Application for the ICP program includes the following items:

  • General Application including demographic information
  • Resume / CV
  • Letter of Interest including:
    • Explaining why the applicant is interested in becoming an ICST and explanation of sandtray experience showing a minimum of 1 year of experience.
  • Completed sandtray training form outlining 24 hours or more sandtray training with dates and trainers’ names and/or letters from the sandtray trainers.
  • Copies of
    • learning objectives and detailed information from the training programs, such as syllabus/objective, agenda, PowerPoints, and training materials.
  • Completed Online Assessment/Test of Sandtray Knowledge and Skills – passed at an 85% rate or above
  • Proof of Malpractice Insurance
  • Proof of Licensure in Mental Health
  • Copy of transcript for Master’s Degree in Mental Health
  • $3800 fee (payment plan option)

Advanced ICST Training

This training will be a 4-day training in cohort form provided by a senior ICST-Provider. No more than 12 persons will be included in the Advanced cohort.

In-Person complete levels 3-4 ICST training


  • Day 1: Level 3: Advanced Case Consultation and Personal Work in the Sandtray
  • Day 2: Level 3 continued
  • Day 3: FREE day
  • Day 4: Level 4 – Advanced Sandtray Training of the Cohort’s choice or as provided by the ICST-P
  • Day 5: Level 4 continued

Cohort Consultation

  • The cohort will have 6 hours of group consultation before the cohort training AND 3 hours of individual consultation with the advanced ICST-P

Individual Consultation

  • The applicant will be responsible for three 1 hour individual consultations before advanced training with the ICST-P
    • Process 1 personal sandtray
    • Process at least 2 client sandtrays

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