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IAST Providers

To become an Internationally Credentialed Sandtray Therapist (ICST), you must train under an Approved Provider (ICST-P)  recognized through the IAST.

The number of providers is directly related to the number of members for the IAST, meaning that as membership in IAST grows, so does the number of providers that will be available.  

Currently, we have a total of seven providers (six within the US). 

Current membership numbers do not allow for any new ICST-P’s within the US, but we do have openings for those outside of the US.  For more information, see the Provider Standards here. 

All providers operate as a separate business and take different approaches to how each fulfills the requirements determined by IAST. 

For example, some Approved Providers provide the complete training needed to become an ICST, while others offer levels individually. 

Minimum prices for what the ICST-P must charge is regulated and determined by the IAST. 

Please check out information provided below for each ICST-P.  Each utilizes different strengths and areas of specialty to provide a variety of specializations while maintaining the core training tenets of the IAST. 

If you are interested in training with the ICST-P, please contact each through the information provided below. 

The IAST does not contact providers directly regarding potential trainees.  All of that information is handled between those wishing to attend and the provider. 

Approved Providers as recognized by IAST: 

Amy Flaherty, LPE-I, RPT , ICST-P

Southern Sandtray Institute

Jonesboro, AR  

Contact info: 

Southern Sandtray Institute has been certifying therapists in sandtray therapists since 2015. Trainings through Southern Sandtray are held in yearly cohorts, with each new cohort enrolling in February of each year.  Participants gather in Arkansas each year from all over to world to learn in a small group setting, where they transform themselves through the power of sandtray.  

ICST-P #001

Bianca Kisselburg, LPC, RPT, ICST-P

Playful Connections Sandtray Institute

Texarkana, AR 

Contact info:

PCSI is a place where you will connect with your inner child and remember (or learn) how to play using the healing power of sandtray.

With this new tool, you can return to your clients and help them feel seen and heard like never before. You will learn to help your clients process and express their feelings though a safe and transformative method.

Using the lens of neuroscience and attachment, PCSI strives to help you up your game in play and sandtray. 

ICST-P #004

Megan Cinnamon, LPCC, ICST-P

Sandscapes: The Kentucky Sandtray Institute 

Somerset, KY

Contact info: 

Sandscapes is located in the heart of The Lake Cumberland area in Somerset, KY. 

Training is provided in a small cohort style and is experiential in nature. We can’t wait to hear from you. 

ICST-P #005

Nidhi Kirpalani, ICST-P 

Caribbean Sandtray Institute LTD 


Contact info: 

A space for mental health professionals to heal and connect through basic and advanced sandtray training.

Your sandtray journey would include two 5-day in-person trainings to facilitate all four levels of the course.

Trainings will be for up to 14 persons in the Caribbean or for a group in your hometown! Come change your practice and your life through the power of sandtray.

ICST-P #006

Beth Moore, LPC, ICST-P 

Holistic Sandtray Institute 

Lafayette, LA. 

Contact info:

Holistic Sandtray Institute offers integrative therapies to heal the whole person in mind, body, and spirit through Sandtray Therapy, Massage Therapy, and spiritual experiences. 

Come enjoy personal retreats and professional development trainings in south Louisiana, including all 4 levels of training to be an Internationally Credentialed Sandtray Therapist (ICST)!

ICST-P #007