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So you want to become known as the sandtray therapist in your area??

Are you in the right place? See below to find out!

You love sandtray therapy?

You have more confidence in your sandtray sessions?

You want to be recognized as a credentialed sandtray therapist?

So now that you know that you are where you need to be, let’s get you some DETAILS about how to become a credentialed sandtray therapist.

But first, let’s talk about the difference between a credential and a certification.


Many sandtray trainers provide certifications.  We are not here to shut down the many sandtray training centers.  


What we are here to do is to provide an overarching body to regulate and recognize those who have undertaken extensive in-person and online trainings in the area of sandtray therapy. 


What we provide through IAST is not just a certification but a credential. A credential is the level is recognized as the highest form of training in a particular area by an independent governing body, which for us is the IAST.


So now you know that what you will earn through the IAST is not a certificate but a credential. 

But what is needed to become an Internationally Credentialed Sandtray Therapist (ICST)?


  1. Complete Levels 1-4 provided by an ICST-P, which is an Approved Provider trained and recognized by the IAST. To find a list of the ICST-P’s click here.
  2. Complete 15 hours of case consultation with an ICST-P. These are completed online between Levels 2 and 3. 

  3. Complete the 10 elective hours provided through the online members portal of the IAST OR through attending the annual Sandtray Therapy Summit. 

Further outline of each of the levels and what is included can be found in the ICST Provider Standards which are linked HERE.


A few things to note:


  • Only trainings provided by IAST Approved Providers (ICST-P) qualify for hours towards the sandtray credential.  While other sandtray trainings may be useful, they are not approved by the IAST organization at this time.
  • Levels 1-4 may be completed through attending individual trainings or through a complete program.  Different Approved Providers train in different ways. Refer to the Approved Provider listing HERE to see the full list and particular manner of training for each provider.  Again, some providers elect to provide the entire program, while others only provide one level at a time.  

  • All levels must be taken in order, meaning that one must complete Level 1 before going to Level 2 and so on.  One may not enroll in Level 3 without completing the 15 hours of case consultation as required by the ICST standards.
  • The ICST credential is provided by the IAST organization.  Once all of the requirements are met, the ICST candidate must submit the required documents and fees to the IAST for final approval.  Individual providers do not award the credential, they only provide the trainings that meet the requirements as set forth by IAST. 

  • All trainings provided by the ICST-P meet the requirements for IAST CE’s. Other CE’s, such as those for NBCC or Social Work boards, may be provided, but it is at the discretion of the individual ICST-P.  To ascertain what CE’s are awarded, please contact or see the website for each individual ICST-P. 

Ready to join us?


To gain a more complete understanding and overview of the mission of IAST and the standards for both the ICST and ICST-P credential, please review the each of the documents linked HERE.

Please note that we are a new organization and we are constantly working to meet the needs and concerns of our members as they arise. Given that, the current standards may be revised as needed for clarification or to address the needs of our growing IAST membership. 

Thank you for your interest in sandtray thearpy and we need YOU to join us as we change the world one sandtray at a time! 

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