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Sandtray Vs Sandplay

Sandtray vs. Sandplay

Sandtray and sandplay therapy are two distinct ways of practicing therapy in the sand.

The AST trains mental health therapists in the method of sandtray therapy.

Have you ever struggled to explain the differences between the two methods?

Or were you even aware that there are subtle but important differences?

Sandtray vs Sandplay
Sandtray vs Sandplay

Therapist Working In The Sand

To be fully informed therapist working in the sand, you need to know how to explain who you are (sandtray vs. sandplay therapist) and why you do what you do.

To understand the differences between the two methods, we’ve created a chart to explain the nuances fully in the simple but effective graphic below. 

Before delving into the differences…

It’s important to remember that all sand work originated from Margaret Lowenfield’s work with her “World Technique.”

Both sand work methods focus on the client’s understanding of his or her world.

Both use sand and miniatures to tell a story of the world, facilitating a deeper, fuller awareness not possible through just talk therapy.

Sandtray vs Sandplay

Here you go A simple picture of the important differences between sandplay and sandtray therapy

Sandtray vs Sandplay

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