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About the International Association for Sandtray Therapy (IAST) 

What is the IAST?

The International Association for Sandtray Therapy is the world’s only GLOBAL association dedicated solely to the spreading the healing power of sandtray therapy.  It is a non-profit entity that exists to support, train and educate mental health therapists at the graduate level. It’s purpose is to also help educate the general public about the process and healing power of sandtray therapy.

The IAST was formed in 2019 by Amy Flaherty in an effort to provide a place for all sandtray therapists to learn, connect, and experience the power of sandtray therapy.


Who can become a member of the IAST?

Any mental health therapist who is trained (or is in the process of being trained) in the mental health field at a graduate level.

About IAST

How does one become a member?

Good question, simply click the Join Us button, and we will walk you through how to become a member of our community

What is the function of IAST?



Hosting an annual conference for sandtray therapists


Educational Material

Providing educational material to spread an understanding of sandtray therapy



Providing a global community where sandtray therapists everywhere can communicate the latest in research and understanding of sandtray therapy


Credentialing Body

Act as the credentialing body for sandtray therapists



Provide scholarships for those wishing to attend sandtray trainings with limited resources


Low-cost Trainings

Provide low-cost and accessible trainings to therapists everywhere

But what are the benefits? Why should I join??

Wow – you got those questions and we’ve got answers!
In fact, we created a seperate page devoted JUST to the benefits of IAST (because there’s so many and they are so important!)

But what ELSE makes IAST different? 


IAST is a non-profit organization

IAST is a non-profit organization that exists solely to promote sandtray therapy across the globe. IAST consists of a 5-member board and various other committees to ensure that it is adhering to it’s original mission statement.


IAST is the credentialing body for sandtray therapists

The IAST acts as the credentialing body for those wishing to earn a sandtray credential. 


AST is completely member – driven

Think of IAST as the David against the Goliath of other mental health organizations. We strive to keep our overhead and bureaucratic tape to a minimum so we can stay streamlined, agile, and able to shift to the needs of our members and the current mental health trends.


We are an international organization

We recognize that therapists operate around the globe with the healing power of sandtray work. We do not want the therapist’s place of birth to hamper them from participating in sandtray trainings.


 The board of AST 

The board of IAST continually evaluates the criteria for a sandtray credential and those trainings that lead to the sandtray credential. We strive to stay at the top of the sandtray trainings while making the credential available to those who wish to obtain it (we do not want to be too exclusive that it becomes an inner circle but do want to maintain the quality of the sandtray credential.) 

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